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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Into the Wild. An invite to our exhibition.

Here is the invite to our show.  Please and all!
This is the blurb.....

Part of Deptford X Fringe Festival 2014 

Carol Wyss – Anita Gwynn


The Old Tidemill School Garden, Entrance on Reginald Road
PV Friday 26 September, 6-8pm
Opening times Sat 27/Sun 28 Sept, 2-6pm and Fri 3/Sat 4/Sun 5 October, 2-6pm

INTO THE WILD is an investigation into the relationships of humans to their natural surroundings and the impact that they have on them. Through the creation of Herbaria inspired installations the artists draw attention to the importance of keeping such sites in urban surroundings and maintaining and protecting the urban wildlife.

The installations consist of works on paper,and wood and are located in the glasshouse and log cabin.

Anita Gwynn

I am interested in the indigenous and wildflowers, especially in my local area and my drawings in this exhibition are examinations of some of these flowers.  If I have drawn them, it is because I have been excited by their shape and beauty.  Coming from suburbia and its tidy gardens, I enjoy the plants that break through the concrete and walls and grow - beautifully and subversively. They can be part of the heritage of a place and each plant has a story, a myth or a legend attached to it.  Enjoy the stories.

Carol Wyss

My work is a concerted search for the structure of things: taking recognized, existing structures apart and putting them together again.
The human skeleton is the basic structure through which I examine the relationship of human structures to their surroundings. Through dismantling and opposing existing structures new formations are created. Abstraction is part of the process - not trying to hide the origins, rather broadening the possibilities for interpretation. What you see at first glance is not necessarily what it is.

The artworks for this installation are part of the Flower series. The series consists of large etchings, images of wild flowers and weeds that turn out to be made up of human bones. These human bone structures are reminders of the fact that humans are as much part of nature as weeds and in fact a lot more invasive…

The installation resembles a herbarium and gives each specimen its own particular value.

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